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A new kind of global health primary care.

Every life deserves the best  possible care.

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How One Health+ works.

Innovation is in our DNA.
We think and act differently.

With our new Healthpass+ payment system, you or anyone can pay for your care from anywhere. You can also transfer any unused health pass to anyone before it expires.

• One flat fee

• Pre-paid health pass

• On-site labs included

• Zero wait time

• Appointment based

Buy for you or your loved ones from anywhere.

Use your health pass now or save it and use it later.

Transfer your health pass to anyone you want.

• Coordinated care

What we offer

We offer a new kind of healthcare experience. One that takes the complexities out of your care journey so you can focus on being your best, happier, healthier self.

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Primary Care+ Onsite Labs:
Highly Personalized. Technologically Advanced. Simplified Care.

Comprehensive Assessment. Longitudinal Health Management. Tailored Care.

Chronic Disease Management:
Personalized Disease Screen. Lifestyle Management. Wellness Care.

Maternal and Child Care:
Coordinated and Integrated. Team-based and Collaborative. High Touch Care.


At OneHealth+, we offer flexible, affordable packages to fit your unique needs.

Your best value

Member + CDM Package


/ YR

Full Health Assessment

3 additional clinic visits per year for health maintenance

Urgent Care Treatment

Chronic Disease Management

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General Care

Primary Care




• Doctor consult
• Labs/Diagnostic
• Medication Rx
• Follow up care

• Comprehensive Labs
• Chronic Disease Screen
• Physical Exam

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Special Care

Chronic Disease Screen




• Heart
• Kidney
• Liver
• Diabetes and diet
• Obesity and cholesterol
• Doctor consult

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